Nov 052005

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George Bush is guilty of violating his oath of office in order to bring about the end of the sovereign, independent nation of the United States of America so that another government could be put in place. This new regional trading state would be run initially by unelected bureaucrats utilizing trade agreements and later, by a European style council and parliament. Laws made by these bodies would be binding on every citizen in the 34 nation megastate.

In the process, Bush has allowed the continuing invasion of America by Mexican nationals who supply the voters for Reconquista, an attempt to recapture the American Southwest by demographically overwhelming the region with immigrants and electing people who support this goal, which includes the ethnic cleansing of the gringos [white race] from the neighborhood. These radical, racist mechistas now control a number of elected offices throughout the Southwest, such as: Cruz Bustamante, Lt. Governor of California and Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los Angeles, both former members.

George Bush has violated Article II, section 1.8 of the Constitution, his oath of office “to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

In particular: Article I, section 8. Congress has the power to “regulate commerce with foreign nations.” The President has pushed through Congress CAFTA [Central American Free Trade Agreement] and is attempting to have the FTAA [Free Trade Area of the Americas] passed. Both of these “trade agreements”, along with the WTO and NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement], transfer this constitutional power from member states, including the United States, to corporations, the “stakeholders” in these agreements. Tribunals and more than 30,000 pages of regulations now control commerce. Their authority over member states will eventually cover most aspects of life for citizens in the resulting megastate [if the FTAA passes].

Also: Article IV, section 4. “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this Union a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.” The President has, with full knowledge of the consequences of his actions, failed to secure the border with Mexico in the midst of continued massive, illegal immigration, plus a loudly proclaimed invasion [Reconquista] of America by Mexican/American radicals. He does so because within four years a new political union is scheduled to be in place and the borders between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are to be open to commerce and people [see SPPNA below].

Bush wants open borders, not only because the goal of the new political union would permit citizens of all three nations to live and work anywhere within the union, but he also needs tens of millions of immigrants to pay for the retirement of 78 million baby boomers, starting in 2008. He has negotiated a Totalization of Social Security Agreement with Mexico that will make millions of illegal aliens and their dependents in Mexico eligible for social security payments. All he has to do is sign it. He has also set up the possibility of a disaster on an immense scale if his guest worker [amnesty] program passes Congress. A recent PEW International poll found that nearly half of Mexicans would cross the border into America if Bush is succcessful.

Meanwhile, this invasion of illegal Mexicans is spreading across America like a malignant cancer, from California to Florida and up the eastern seaboard. This increase of foreigners, with no prospects for jobs, is putting an unmanageable strain on our healthcare, welfare, and criminal justice system. These immigrants are not assimilating by choice. They are, in fact, maintaining their language and culture, as well as a general historical anger at the gringos for taking their land and what they perceive as a lack of respect. As a result, the Balkanization and eventual breakup of the United States of America is well underway. Bush could secure the borders but he will not do it. The march toward a regional corporation of the Americas continues.

Article III, section 3.1. Treason. Bush is conspiring with: citizens and foreigners, leaders of corporations, members of his administration, and others, to destroy the sovereign government of the United States by passing unconstitutional acts in the guise of trade agreements that take constitutional power away from Congress and the judicial system and transfer it to the planned corporate megastate.

In addition, Bush has, as a prelude to this new megastate [FTAA], conspired with President Fox of Mexico and Prime Minister Martin of Canada to establish a new political and economic union, the SPPNA [the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America] aka North America. This union was announced on March 23, 2005 by the three leaders in a meeting at Waco, Texas and will be operational by 2010. All of this is being done without the knowledge or consent of Congress or the American people.

The task force assigned by the three leaders to develop a plan for building a North American community is sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and it’s counterparts in Mexico and Canada. One recommendation is for the appointment of a North American Advisory Council and a North American Inter-Parliamentary Group to help with the integration process. These two bodies, like those of the European Union, would morph into law-making bodies. These bodies would not consult with the various legislatures of the three member states, including the U.S. Congress. Laws passed by them would be binding on every individual in North America. This council and parliament would then be adopted by the Free Trade Area of the Americas if the FTAA is approved by all 34 nations in the Western Hemisphere. The sovereignty and independence of the United States and every member of the corporate state would no longer exist.

For the above reasons, George W. Bush should be impeached for his failure to carry out his oath of office and for the suffering he has imposed on the American people as a result of his criminal acts and continuous lies.

“The amount of money flowing into Washington has exploded over the past decade, and the Wall Street Journal has led the cheers as an army of influence peddlers converted those billions into legislation favorable to the corporations. For years, the Journal has been the leading advocate for a globalcorp future of unrestrained capitalism administered by multinational corporations in a borderless world in which markets and labor have replaced nations and humans.” Craig Nelsen, ProjectUSA.


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