Aug 282006

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Republicans are relentless in their goal of merging America, Canada, and Mexico into a political and economic union by 2010, without the knowledge or consent of the American people. This union, known as North America, will be run, initially, by trade agreements for the benefit of multinational corporations. American workers are not part of the equation in these agreements, except as cheap labor.

Toward this goal, Katherine Harris [R-FL], submitted a bill last year to the House of Representatives, H.R. 2672, that would help to speed the process along. It now resides in committee, as does the Senate version, S.853, waiting for the right moment to sneak it through.

The bill, called the North American Cooperative Security Act, is taken directly from the plan for Building a North American Community, which is sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations and approved by the three leaders and CEOs of the member states. Financial support is provided by (surprise) Archer Daniels Midland Company and Merrill Lynch & Company.

This will be a deep integration of the three nations and all member states will eventually lose their sovereignty. Already, Nafta, chapter 11 (and the WTO) have taken over the job of regulating commerce, and, through their unelected tribunals, can overrule the U.S. Supreme Court on many issues.

H.R. 2672 goes a long way toward achieving this merger, including providing support to Mexico in securing its border with Guatemala and Belize. In addition, it will allow development and implementation of “a North American immigration security strategy that works toward the development of a common security perimeter…” around the member states.

With a common security perimeter in place by 2010 the union should “move to full labor mobility between Canada and the United States…eliminating all barriers to the ability of their citizens to live and work in the other country.” This policy should be extended to Mexico when the “…wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors have diminished considerably.” [CFR plan]

Of course, George Bush will continue to allow massive illegal immigration and visa programs designed to lower wages of American workers in order to meet that 2010 date.

The plan also provides for a North American Advisory Council and a North American Inter-parliamentary Group, like the European Union. These two groups can eventually morph into law-making bodies.

For the record, these are the Republican law makers who violated their oaths of office; Sponsor of H.R. 2672 is Katherine Harris [R-FL]. Co-sponsors are Stevan Pearce [R-NM-2], and Christopher Shays [R-CT-4]

Sponsor of Senate bill S.853 is Richard Lugar [R-IN]. Co-sponsors Norm Coleman [R-MN], John Cornyn [R-TX], Charles Hagel [R-NE], Kay Hutchison [R-TX], John McCain [R-AZ], and Ted Stevens [R-AK].

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