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Yes, there is a plan being implemented, quietly, to merge America, Canada, and Mexico into an economic, political, and military union by 2010. An alliance between the Democrats (NAFTA), Republicans (CAFTA), and corporate America will soon bring you the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (aka North America), a continued assault on American sovereignty without the knowledge or consent of the American people.

The plan, Building a North American Community, is sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations, with financial support provided by Archer Daniels Midland Company and Merrill Lynch & Company. This plan will eliminate United States sovereignty as these proposed organizatons, a North American Advisory Council and a North American Inter-parliamentary Group, eventually morph into law-making bodies [pp.31,32 CFR]. Laws passed by these two groups will be binding on every citizen of the union. In addition, a permanent tribunal for dispute resolution between corporations and governments at all levels in member states is proposed [p.22 CFR].

As of today, the power to regulate commerce lies with trade agreement bureaucracies while legal decisions involving foreign corporations and governments are decided by unelected WTO and NAFTA tribunals, which can overturn any decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court in this area of law.

Meanwhile, Senator John Cornyn [R-TX] has been quite active in making this new “country” a reality. On June 26, 2006 he introduced Senate Bill S. 3622, the “North American Investment Fund Act”, which is taken directly from the CFR plan for Building a North American Community. [p.14]

Senate Bill 3622 would be in effect “for an initial period of 10 years” but could be extended. The United States and Canada would have to contribute taxpayer money to support this fund. The purpose: (1) “to increase the economic competitiveness of North America (the country) in a global economy; (2) to reduce the income gap between Mexico and Canada, and between Mexico and the United States.” [S. 3622, p. 2]

This fund is designed to raise the wages of Mexicans while north of the border Bush and corporations like Wal-Mart are working to lower American wages through outsourcing, hiring illegals at cheap wages, and issuing hundreds of thousands of work visas (H-1B, for example) which allow corporations to hire high tech engineers and programmers from India at low wages and no benefits, then fire American workers (jobs that Americans will do). The plan is to have the wage differentials “diminished considerably” by 2010 so that citizens of all three member states can “live and work” anywhere in the union.

According to Tom Deweese in his article, “Bush Administration in Denial of ‘North American Union’ Plans”…, after Senator Cornyn was informed that the bill did support the development of this union, “he…took efforts to assure S. 3622 would not be voted on in the Senate.” A spokesman said that the senator “is adamantly opposed to any ‘North American Union’…” [Sept. 19, 2006, Newswithviews]

Does this mean that Senator Cornyn had no idea what was in the bill he sponsored? Is that the reason why he also co-sponsored Senate Bill S. 853 last year, which is a huge step in setting up this union. Two important features of S. 853 are: the U.S. would help Mexico secure its borders with Belize and Guatemala [p.18], and “…a North American immigration strategy that works toward the development of a common security perimeter…” around all three nations. [p.8] This would open up the borders and allow rapid development of that union which Cornyn says he does not support. It also includes that super highway that will run from Mexico’s new ports on the west coast and up through Texas where eminent domain will affect many Texans.

The answer could be that he had full knowledge of the effects of his actions. On page xix of the plan, Building a North American Community, under Acknowledgments, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) is thanked for his “…contributions to the meeting in New York in December 2004;” [ Correction: This paragraph was omitted in the first post.]

Perhaps the senator would like to elaborate on his position.

Note: Dr. Robert Pastor, the source and “inspiration” for this plan to deconstruct America, asked this question in a speech to the Trilateral Commission in Toronto, Canada, November 1-2, 2002: “Are North Americans prepared to give up their sovereignty?” His answer was yes.


All three bills are still in committee, waiting for the right time to sneak them through Congress. If Americans aren’t alert to these clear violations of our “leaders” oaths of office, it will happen, just like NAFTA and CAFTA. Waiting in the wings is the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), a regional trading state of the Western Hemisphere, consisting of a 34 nation union and 800,000,000 people.

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