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George Bush has no intention of enforcing our nation’s immigration laws. On the contrary, a free flow of workers across borders (cheap labor for big business) is essential for the new North American Community envisioned by Mexican President Vicente Fox and his amigo George Bush. This easy availability of workers across borders is, by the way, an important part of the European Union’s economic plan.

In 2000, President Fox spoke about his vision for the continent: “I’m talking about a community of North America, an integrated agreement (including a loss of sovereignty) of Canada, the United States, and Mexico in the long term, 20, 30, 40 years from now.

“And this means that some of the steps we can take are, for instance, to agree that in five years we will make this convergence CAFTA, FTAA) on economic variables. That may mean [that] in 10 years we can open up that border when we have reduced the gap in salaries and income.” [1]

William R. Hawkins, Senior Fellow for National Security Studies at the U.S. Business and Industry Council, also notes that: “…President Bush seems determined to keep the southern border wide open to illegal immigration.” And he “…hope(s) Congress will ignore public opinion and vote for CAFTA and his proposed amnesty for illegal immigrant labor.”[2]

That’s why Bush tries to downplay the serious damage being done to our nation due to illegal immigration by saying that these immigrants are just trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Yes, there are billions of desperate people in the world who would love to come to America. But if you do not enforce the law and Bush’s generosity comes to fruition, then our nation, as we know it, will cease to exist.

So what has Bush done? Congress approved 2000 new border patrol agents each year for the next five years and he cut that number down to 210, not enough to replace those agents lost to attrition. In addition, he wants to have a guest-worker program (amnesty) for the 10 million or so illegal Mexicans living in the U.S.

And now, as Representative Ron Paul put it: “Dark clouds are gathering over our already dangerously fragile Social Security system.” Those clouds, courtesy of George Bush, are the result of a U.S.-Mexican Totalization Agreement, signed by Jo Anne Barnhart, Commissioner of the U.S. Social Security Administration and a Mexican representative, on June 29, 2004. It now awaits the president’s signature.

The plan is supposed to benefit workers from both countries, the 3000 or so Americans working in Mexico and the (your guess) Mexicans working in America. Diane Grassi says that, according to the GAO, the Social Security Administration “…did not directly consider the estimated millions of unauthorized workers in the U.S.” Under this agreement, “… unauthorized illegal immigrants could qualify for Social Security benefits with as few as 6 coverage credits as opposed to the previously required 40, combined with earnings from Mexico. Additionally, the illegal worker could qualify for partial benefits after only 18 months while the American worker would still have to work 10 years in order to vest. And further, to benefits being paid out to just the worker, family members of Mexican workers would be entitled to benefits as dependents and survivors, even if not residing in the U.S.” [3]

If Social Security is in such bad shape, and it is, then why would Bush make this incredibly bad decision? An article from CAIR (Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform) offers this quote from a senior GOP congressional staffer: “The White House thought this was a low-cost favor to get in Vicente Fox’s good graces.”

The article also stated that “…officials at the State Department knew illegal aliens would be covered by the deal – and they also were aware that the White House did not know this.” [4]

Congressman J.D. Hayworth (R-CD5), is sponsoring, along with 40 co-sponsors, House Resolution 20, which expresses the disapproval of congress. Once Bush submits the agreement to congress, it has 60 days to pass the resolution.

Another serious problem confronting us, also due to our uncontrolled borders, is the latinization of our country by millions of illegal immigrants who refuse to assimilate. It is nationwide now, but the focal point is the American Southwest. Here, radical Chicano groups, organized in the late 1960s, have made great progress towards gaining political power in the region.

Their stated goal is to achieve total control and drive the White Europeans (gringos) from “their homeland”. The movement has been embraced by illegal immigrants (legal too) and the Mexican government. Elected Chicano officials, former members of the radical, racist organization MEChA (Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan), are continuing to coordinate closely with Vicente Fox on immigration policies favorable to Mexico. Included are former MEChA officials California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante and Antonio Villaraigosa, newly elected mayor of Los Angeles.[5]

In the meantime, illegals on welfare are causing hospitals to shutdown, schools to become overcrowded with students who can’t speak English, soaring crime rates, leading to overcrowded jails and prisons,an increasing burden on taxpayers, plus an exodus from California by taxpayers, a place that is undergoing a decline towards third world status. All of this is occurring across the nation, including such unlikely places as Georgia and North Carolina.

If George Bush’s Social Security giveaway to Mexico is allowed, if his amnesty program for illegals is approved, and his open borders policy continues, how many Mexicans do you think will remain in Mexico once the good news gets out. Can you say Mexican tsunami?

George Bush and his advisors know what’s happening. Let’s add it up. Failure to enforce the laws of our nation, failure to protect our nation from foreign invaders (the term invasion and reconquista have been used loudly by Chicanos and Mexicans) and consciously acting to aid our enemies. They should be held accountable.


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