Feb 172007

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“The Council of Canadians is demanding that Canada cease all further participation in the Security and Prosperity Partnership and that Stephan Harper consult with Canadians in a meaningful way on Canada-U.S. relations.” [press release, Feb. 9, 2007]

Americans aren’t the only people angry at their government’s alliance with corporations in order to integrate America, Canada, and Mexico into a corporate state. Canadians are very vocal about the secret meetings taking place between the governments and corporate officials of these three nations without the consent of the Canadian people. And yes, the Canadian media is silent on the topic of a North American Union and the loss of sovereignty for Canada.

The Council of Canadians, an opponent of this trading state, issued a press release on Feb.9, 2007, stating: “North American integration will be the primary focus of a high-level trinational meeting scheduled for Feb. 23, …U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff will be in Ottawa to meet with Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McCay, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, Trade Minister David Emerson and their Mexican Counterparts.”

A report in September of 2006 by the three member states’ governments said: “…the upcoming meeting would take place in order to ‘review progress’ on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and ‘develop concrete initiatives’ in preparation for the leaders’ summit expected to take place in Kananaskis in June 2007.”

At the Ottawa meeting, the NACC, North American Competitiveness Council (CEOs) of all three member states will present recommendations to the government officials, which will then be implemented. (see raykania.com ‘Council of CEOs Now Govern America?).

The NACC sets the agenda for the SPP and the governments of the member states make the laws and regulations to implement it.

According to Steward Trew, Communications Administrator for the Council of Canadians, “the NACC was apparently created to bypass the democratic process and to let corporate leaders in all three countries come together and set the conditions under which they do business within North America.”

He notes that at a meeting of government and business leaders in Louisville, Kentucky in January of 2006, the “…participants agreed that the future of the integration process depends on the ‘creation of a genuine constituency of North America.’

They would need to include a ‘buy-in’ from those who have not been a part of the process, (legislators and governments) “that recognize” ‘the importance of business issues to the overall social welfare’ and allow ‘the private sector to engage substantively and pragmatically on trade and security issues without undue deference to political sensitivities.’

Trew asks the question: “Without public access to the NACC, what guarantee is there that the CEOs won’t sell off our ability to govern for the sake of their own financial gain?’ [1]

The answer, of course, is that is exactly what they will do. The profit motive is their only reason for existing. Their only loyalty is to their corporations, wherever they may be located. All decisions affecting the North American Union will be based on that.

1-[Steward Trew, A Conspiracy of Silence, The North American Competitiveness Council Decides the Fate of Canada-U.S. Integration-Behind Closed Doors, Canadian Perspectives, Autumn 2006]

Canadians feel the same anger as Americans when the topic is the North American Union and they face the same uphill battle against a corporate/government overthrow of their sovereign nation and a news media which refuses to cover the biggest news event in their history.

Check out the following websites:


http://canadianactionparty.ca “The rapid integration of North America into one entity ruled by an unaccountable, unrepresented and unelected group cabal of administrative executive branch officials is treason pure and simple.” Connie Fogal, Party Leader (good video presentations)

The Council of Canadians www.canadians.org

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