Apr 052007

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H.R. 1645, the new “comprehensive immigration” bill for 2007 , contains the same wording for constructing a North American Union as the old S. 2611, passed by the Senate last year. Some of the sections have been moved around but the message remains the same.

SEC. 113, (3), (E) of the old S. 2611 is still the same in H.R. 1645. This requires the Secretary Of State to report on progress in developing “a common security perimeter” around North America.

SEC. 114 has been moved to SEC. 121 in H.R. 1645: Improving The Security Of Mexico’s Southern Border. Instead of using the words Belize and Guatemala, it now reads the countries of Central America.

Since Belize and Guatemala are the two countries whose borders with Mexico are to be secured as part of the common security perimeter around North America and an important part of completing the NAU, one might think the authors are trying to confuse people.

S. 2691, the SKIL Act of 2006, was sponsored by Senator John Cornyn [R-TX], who was thanked for his efforts toward building this North American Union on page xix of the CFR task force report on Building a North American Community.

S. 2691 is a bill that would continually increase the number of professional (masters degrees and higher) H-1B and other visa programs for foreign workers. Professional cheap labor, Bill Gates dream fulfilled.

S. 2691 can be found in H.R. 1645 at SEC. 501 to SEC. 515. H-1B visas are at: SEC. 507.

This union of North America is scheduled to be in place by 2010 although the work of integrating America, Canada, and Mexico will continue. There will be a government.

Students from 10 universities in all three nations have participated in a ‘model’ North American Parliament in Mexico to simulate ‘integration.’ [09/25/2006, see http://www.alipac.us/modules.php?name=News&file=print&sid=1536

Duke University and the University of North Carolina are involved in promoting this integration. At its Center for North American Studies, Duke “has conducted annual workshops for elementary, secondary, and post secondary educators.” They will be teaching young minds to think of themselves as North Americans.

“NCCIU, a program of the University of North Carolina, helps to educate North Carolina citizens, educators, and K-12 students to function effectively in an interdependent global community through international education exchanges, resources, and programs…” http://www.duke.edu/web/northamer/center/outreach.html

Read: ‘Robert Pastor, The Media, North American Union “Conspiracy” exposed.’


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