Jun 232007

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“Our goal is clearly NOT to find a qualified U.S. Worker…our objective is to get this person (foreigner) a green card…so certainly we are not going to find a place (to advertise jobs) where applicants would be numerous.” [Lawrence M. Lebowitz, Vice President of Marketing, Cohen & Grigsby, Immigration Attorneys]

A video has surfaced on YouTube which shouts in a loud and clear voice that corporate America has abandoned the American worker for cheap, compliant foreign workers. The law firm of Cohen & Grigsby was running seminars that were put on the internet. They provided advice to corporations on how to avoid hiring American workers, even though they were available. Corporate human reources could then claim a shortage of workers and begin to process foreigners under H-1B visas. [Bob Oaks, http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2007/6/18/22435/0365  ]

For example, “If someone looks like they are very qualified, if necessary schedule an interview, go through the whole process to find a legal basis to disqualify them.”

There are a number of ways to achieve this goal. “Employers who favor aliens have an arsenal of legal means to reject all U.S. Workers who apply.” [Joel Steward, Legal Rejection of U.S. Workers, Immigration Daily, April 24, 2000. Note: This issue is no longer available on the internet.]

Keep in mind, when George Bush, members of his administration and corporate CEOs claim they can’t find qualified Americans to do the job, they are lying.

There is now another amnesty bill, put together by Ted Kennedy and Alen Specter, called S. 1639. It’s basically the same as the previous edition, but with some bad amendments. If so, this bill contains provisions that would bring in a tidal wave of foreign workers, including a huge increase in H-1B visas, a favorite of Bill Gates, who says he would like all he can get (in order to replace those expensive Americans). [ For a copy of the latest amnesty bill, go to: http://www.heritage.org/Research/Immigration/2007legislation_2.cfm

As I have mentioned a number of times, the sovereign nation state is to be deconstructed and replaced with a regional government ( a union of North America) connected to other regions through trade agreements. The corporate types would run this government with greed as their only motive.

Workers would exist to provide cheap labor for corporations. There would not be  bargaining rights or any guarantee of longevity. Trade agreements do not address labor or the environment although some wording may be inserted in a sidebar which has no enforcement mechanisms. As George Bush would put it, Americans are free agents.  Yes, they are free to compete with billions of workers from the third world.

Those senators who are trying to rush this latest “assault on America”   amnesty bill through Congress are guilty of violating their oaths of office while also betraying America and its citizens. A few of the perpetrators include: Ted Kennedy, Arlen Specter, John McCain, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham and Trent Lott.

Since the obvious goal is the end of the sovereign United States of America, those listed above, and many others, including Bush, must be held accountable for their actions.

“To sacrifice the skills of the citizenry of your own country is to create a population of imbeciles. To give up national self sufficiency is to give up national sovereignty. To allow exploitive globalization is to decrease diversity and not to increase it as some believe. I’m afraid that the USA is on a path to self destruction.” author unknown

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