Jul 042007

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A message from George, the Decider-in-Chief:

“Our important trade relationship will benefit from China’s entry into the World Trade Organization, which will create more export opportunities and ultimately more jobs for American farmers, workers, and companies. China is our fourth largest trading partner, with over $100 billion in annual two-way trade. The power of market principles and the WTO’s requirements for transparency and accountability will advance openness and the rule of law in China to help establish protections for commerce and for citizens.” [George W. Bush, The National Security Strategy of the United States, New York Times, September 20, 2002]

Once again, Bush is completely wrong and Americans are paying the price. The problem is that the corporate bottom line is the driving force behind his foreign policy and his desire to unite the world in trade agreements, with no provisions for labor or the environment.

China’s entry into the WTO has cost America 1.8 million jobs since 2001 as American companies, led by Wal-Mart (aka China-Mart), moved to China where workers, mostly young women, get paid 14 to 25 cents per hour, work up to 84 hours per week, with no overtime pay and no benefits. [See ‘Bush/Corporations Take Aim at American Workers, 3/7/07 http://www.thelastgringo.com ]

We also have a huge deficit with China and it’s growing rapidly. Now China is set to open a truck factory (2009) in Tijuana, Mexico. From there it will ship vehicles to the United States without a tariff, undercutting Americans. And China is joining Wal-Mart in building up a port on Mexico’s west coast. Goods from Asia will unload there, bypassing American ports, and costing more Americans jobs.

Instead of moving toward openness and the rule of law to help establish protections for commerce and its citizens, China has made American companies a party to censorship and repression.

Examples: “Rupert Murdoch (Fox News) banned the BBC from Star TV, his China satellite network, after the BBC ran reports about human rights in China. [ Tina Rosenberg, Building the Great Firewall of China, With Foreign Help, New York Times, September 18, 2005]

American internet companies have signed on to aid China’s control of information on the internet. Some have “sold China security tools and firewalls that China has turned into political controls…Some…have signed a pledge of ‘self-discipline,’ promising to follow China’s censorship laws. Many internet portals censor their Chinese websites.”

One American company went beyond the call of duty and helped the Chinese government locate a dissident from his e-mails. The man, Shi Tao, a journalist, was sentenced to 10 years in prison. [NYT]

According to Rosenberg, “…foreign investment will (not) make China a democracy…Because China is too lucrative a market to resist, American and European businessmen have ended up endorsing the party line through their silence-or worse. They are not molding China. China is molding them.” [The Patriot Act allows our government to monitor our e-mails and more. It appears that we are becoming more like China.]

China is doing its part for free trade by providing the world with contaminated and defective products. In case you haven’t been listening to the news, China is poisoning the world and the United States is receiving a large dose. Chinese businesses are taking shortcuts in producing their products, using additives that will harm, and even kill those who use them.

It started with tainted pet food and spread to the human food chain. Melamine, used to produce plastics, can now be found in food given to pigs, chickens, and farm-raised fish.

China also makes most of the vitamins used in the world, including 80 percent of vitamin C. Even more expensive brands of multivitamins get their ingredients from China and other countries. Last year, a multivitamin made in China was taken off the shelves of American stores because of lead contamination.

Diethylene glycol, used in antifreeze, has been found in Chinese toothpaste distributed in American stores. The same chemical killed a number of people in Panama last year when they took cough syrup made in China. The list continues to grow. 

You can join the boycott of imported Chinese food, cosmetics, vitamins, etc. and make a difference. See ‘Boycott Chinese Food Imports: Save American Lives’ at http://www.thesigintreport.com [1]

China is having its way with the United States and Bush continues to appear oblivious to the multiple disasters associated with him as a result of his decisions. But then, it’s all about corporations, not nations and human beings.

[1] For a long list of Chinese food and other products turned back at American ports and the reason for rejection, see http://www.fda.gov/ora/oasis/ora_oasis_ref.html

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