Aug 102007

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Former Senator Fred Thompson, who may announce as a candidate for president soon, was questioned on July 25 about his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations.

Jessica Wilson, an activist, hit him with this salvo: “You are a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the same group that’s forming the North American Union with Mexico and Canada… I need to understand why you’re a member of that and why you support the North American Union?”

Thompson  looked uneasy and said, “I didn’t know they were up to that.”

When the questioner persisted, he replied, “Now don’t fuss at me. You asked me a question. Let me answer it. There are several conservatives over the years who have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations. I try to learn as much as I can from all viewpoints. I have been a fellow of the American Enterprise Institute, which is one of the conservative think tanks in town, and enjoy the intellectual exercises and discussions whether I agree or not with everybody on the issue.”

Notice that Thompson was evasive and did not answer the question. The questioner was escorted away by several police officers as she protested loudly. See the video by going to the site below. [1] 

Thompson, a free trader, voted for permanent Trade Promotion Authority (TPA, fast track authority) in 1997 and 2002. He also voted for permanent trade relations with China. As a member of the CFR and the American Enterprise Institute he admits to having discussions on a number of topics but draws a blank when the topic of integrating the United States with Canada and Mexico is mentioned.

And he doesn’t say anything about the CFR plan for Building a North American Community, complete with a North American Competitiveness Council and an inter-parliamentary Group, ideas borrowed from the European Union. The EU now has a proposed constitution which would unite 27 nations under one sovereign supranational government. The CFR plan has been on the CFR website since 2005 for all to see. Again, he did not say he opposed the North American Union. He simply  ignored the question. [2]

Another item of interest is Thompson’s appointment of a pro-Muslim Lebanese-American to help run his campaign. According to Thompson’s spokeswoman, Linda Rozett, “Acting campaign manager Tom Collamore will still advise Thompson, but his presidential operation will be run  by the duo of former senator and energy secretary Spencer Abraham and a Florida GOP strategist, Randy Enright.”…Enright is heading the political operation while Abraham doesn’t yet have a title.” [, August 10, 2007] 

As a senator from Michigan, he worked hard for his Muslim constituents (Detroit) and in the process dealt with organizations associated with terrorism. “Abraham routinely caved to the demands of Arab/American leaders, such as the Arab American Institute’s James Zogby (Zogby poll), on national security matters, especially immigration.” [3]

“Abraham actively worked to delay computer systems to track foreign visitors, which Arab/Muslim groups, including Zogby’s, strongled opposed. 1996 immigration law required computerized entry and exit tracking of temporary visas, but was gutted by Abraham and other legislators. They refused to allocate money for the program and delayed its implementation until 2005.”

They also delayed implementation of other related programs “which might have prevented the September 11 attacks.” [4]

If you want a president who will defend the sovereignty of our nation, Fred Thompson is not the man. He knows exactly what’s going on. And so do we.




[4] ibid.

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