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George Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice are making one last try to put in place the foundation for a merger of North America before they leave office. They are using stealth to move legislation through Congress in order to set the table for a continental trading region with the governing institutions necessary to run this new political entity.

The result of this corporate/government alliance plan is supposed to be the “establishment by 2010 of a security and economic community for North America…[which] is an achievable goal that is consistent with this principle (We are 3 interdependent nations) and, more important, buttresses the goals and values of CITIZENS OF NORTH AMERICA…” (From a State Department article, p.32, “CFR plan” link below)

Secretary Rice is one of three Security and Prosperity Partnership  of North America  ministers for the United States, along with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez. They head SPP working groups (in coordination with their counterparts in Canada and Mexico), helping to build that security and economic community for North America.

The plan includes a common security perimeter around North America, making it possible to open the interior borders of the continent to the free flow of commerce and people, plus allow deeper integration. That’s why Bush, Rice and McCain want a vitual fence on the border with Mexico and not the wall approved by Congress. With open borders, the wall will be a waste of money.

Secretary Rice has, on a Department of State website, an article (by Judy Aita) describing the efforts to achieve this goal using the blueprint produced by the Council on Foreign Relations, called “Building a North American Community.” At the end of the article is a link that presents this plan for a merger of North America, complete with initial governing institutions (pp. 31, 32), two of which are already in place (Only one, the NACC, has been established as a permanent institution).

(NOTICE: The STATE DEPARTMENT has DELETED the site with the article. I have inserted a reprint of the article on this page with a link to the CFR plan for Building a North American Community. Click on the “full text” highlite at the end of the article, then the English version, 295K PDF. (06/12/08)

These SPP working groups are busy harmonizing and integrating all aspects of the economies and security  of the three NAFTA member nations, as clearly called for in the CFR plan linked to the State Department article. Some topics, like a common security perimeter (p. 8), have to be authorized by Congress. A number of unsuccessful attempts have been tried over the past two years with efforts by Bush, Rice and John McCain but the legislation was never passed. (Photo: John McCain)

From the State Department article on the need for a perimeter:

“The key recommendation…was for the three nations to move toward establishing a common security perimeter by 2010.” ‘It is important for all three governments to commit themselves to security within that zone, thereby alleviating the need to build some barriers at our mutual borders…'” (Open borders. That’s clear enough.)

The American people have consistently stated that they want the border with Mexico secured but George Bush has repeatedly failed to make any effort to carry out his oath of office, instead trying to push for a “comprehensive immigration bill.”

All comprehensive immigration legislation over the past two years (with help from CFR member John McCain) mandated this common security perimeter around North America as well as aid to help Mexico secure it’s southern border as part of a perimeter around that nation.

An example from  S. 2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006:

Sec. 113, (3), (E)- “Requirement for reports-Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, and annually thereafter, the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary (Homeland Security)…shall submit a report…(on progress made)…(E) in developing and implementing an immigration strtegy for North America that works toward the development of a COMMON SECURITY PERIMETER by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support advance automated reporting and risk targeting of international passengers.”

(That means when people and cargo are cleared at ports of entry anywhere in North America, they are cleared for the whole continent. Eventually “citizens of North America” will be able to “live and work” anywhere within the continental perimeter. CFR plan, pp. 27, 28.  Travel will be on North American multimodal supercorridors.)

Sec. 114- Improving the Security of Mexico’s Southern Border;

This section provides for American help in securing Mexico’s southern border with Belize and Guatemala, which constitutes the southern part of a North American perimeter, plus much more. Compare this to H.R. 6028, the Merida Initiative, a Bush/Rice bill to help Mexico gain operational control of its borders. Sometimes a project can have more than one purpose.

The Merida Initiative, H.R. 6028, agreed to by Bush and Felipe Calderon of Mexico, was put together secretly by CFR member Condoleezza Rice at the State Department and inserted into an appropriations bill which hasn’t come to a vote yet. The initiative is another attempt by Bush and Rice to get legislation for Mexico’s portion of a common security perimeter around the continent by using funds to help Mexico to achieve and maintain control of drug trafficking, immigration and gang activity on its borders.

The following sections are from H.R. 6028. Read the bill and compare to S.2611, Sec. 114.

SEC. 112. Authorization of Assistance. “To carry out the purposes of section 111, the President is authorized to provide assistance for Mexico to support activities described in section 113.”

SEC. 113. Activities Supported.

(2) PORT, AIRPORT, AND RELATED SECURITY – “To assist in monitoring and controlling the United States-Mexico border and the border between Mexico and Central America…” (That would be the nations of Belize and Guatemala.)

SEC. 202. Declarations of Policy

(2) “It is in the interest of the United States to support a long-term commitment to assisting the countries of Central America to improve security by combating illicit narcotics trafficking…increasing intelligence sharing, improving regional security cooperation, improving border and customs capabilities…” (This bill has a long list of equipment, technology and vehicles for air, land and sea to be used in the completion of a secure perimeter.)

According to DEA Chief of Intelligence Anthony P. Placido, speaking to the House Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere on February 7, 2008:

“The main goals of the  [Merida] initiative are to break the power and impunity of criminal organizations, assist the governments of Mexico and Central America in strengthening BORDER, AIR, AND MARITIME CONTROLS from the Southwest border of the United States to Panama…”

In addition, H.R. 4088, the SAVE Act of 2007, has been introduced by Rep. Heath Shuler [D-NC]. This bill mandates, not just a secure border with Mexico, but a security perimeter around the United States. Unlike previous comprehensive immigration bills, wording for Mexico’s perimeter is left out since it is covered in H.R. 6028, the Merida Initiative.

The following two sections describe the mandate for H.R. 4088:

Sec. 104, (e), (1) Integrated and Automated Surveillance Program

(1) Requirement for Program- “Subject to the availability of appropriations the Secretary shall establish a program to procure additional unmanned arial vehicles, drones, cameras, poles, sensors, satellites, radar coverage, and other technologies necessary to achieve operational control of the international borders of the United States and to establish a security perimeter known as a ‘virtual fence’ along such international borders to provide a barrier to illegal immigration.”

Sec. 111 National Strategy to Secure the Borders

(a) Requirement for National Strategy – “The Secretary, in consultation with the heads of other appropriate Federal agencies, shall develop a national strategy to secure the borders that describes actions to be carried out to achieve operational control over all ports of entry into the United States and the international land and maritime borders of the United States by December 31, 2010.”

The Senate bill, S. 2366, is identical to H.R. 4088 and was sponsored by Senator David Vitter, [R-LA], and co-sponsored by four Republican senators.

If the Merida Initiative passes and either H.R. 4088 or S. 2366 passes, then the construction of a North American Community (or union) with governing institutions and transparent borders will become a reality.

And our sovereignty, as well as any semblance of a nation, will disappear.

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