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On August 7, 2008, Council on Foreign Relations member John McCain was asked by an unidentified female: “Does your pro-amnesty position make you reluctant to stand against the NAFTA Super Highway and emerging North American Union, which threatens American sovereignty?”

McCain: “Well let me just say, again, no North American Union will take place when I”m president of the United States…” See video.

CFR member John McCain assures Mexico an amnesty bill will pass if he is elected.I could say that McCain was misleading but I prefer the synonym -lying. The term used for the process of merging the three nations of North America into a union is the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), agreed to by George Bush, Vicente Fox of Mexico and Paul Martin of Canada on March 23, 2005 in Waco, Texas.

The road map for this continental union is the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force plan for Building a North American Community, with initial institutions for governing this trading state. Documents and articles were available on two U.S. Department of State websites but were taken off after I published articles exposing the connection between the corporations of North America and the administrations of the three member nations.

However, I managed to save the pages and links and have provided a reprint of a key article with the link at the bottom to the CFR plan for Building a North American Community. The U.S government has been consistent in deleting embarrassing information once traffic picks up on their sites so save or print items you find interesting.

The CFR plan was to have important parts of this eventual union in place by 2010 but they are behind schedule. The fact is that it will take one or two decades to complete the union. The European Union took over 5 decades, using incrementalism, gradually harmonizing and integrating the economies of member nations, opening borders to people and commerce, and keeping the people in the dark. And recently, the EU tried to force a constitution on the members without a referendum but the people of tiny Ireland said no.

So McCain was right when he said that the North American Union will not take place when he is president. But he will continue his efforts to see that it will happen in the future.

In fact, McCain has tried to include important parts of the CFR plan in “comprehensive immigration” bills over the past several years but so far none have passed.

The one key element that has been a part of these immigration bills is the completion of a common security perimeter around North America. It can be found in the U.S. State Department article. The key recommendation for this North American Community is: “for the three nations to move toward establishing a common security perimeter by 2010.” ‘It is important for all three governments to commit themselves to security within that zone, thereby alleviating the need to build barriers at our mutual borders…'” Click on article, read it,  click on link at bottom, then the CFR plan, English version, 295K, PDF. A common security perimeter is on p.8. A number of building blocks for this union, from the CFR plan, have appeared in comprehensive immigration bills but none have been passed.

John McCain was a cosponsor of S. 2611, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006. This immigration amnesty bill has several sections on security and deals with establishing a North American security perimeter:

A security perimeter will utilize drones, towers and other hi-tech surveillance.S. 2611, Sec. 113, (3), (E)-“Requirement for reports-Not later than 1 year after the date of the enactment of this Act, and annually thereafter, the Secretary of State, in coordination with the Secretary (Homeland Security)…shall submit a report…(on progress made)…(E) in developing and implementing an immigration strategy for North America that works toward the development of a common security perimeter by enhancing technical assistance for programs and systems to support advance automated reporting and risk targeting of international passengers.”

That means when people and cargo are cleared at ports anywhere in North America, they are cleared for the whole continent. Eventually “citizens of North America” will be able to “live and work” anywhere within the continental perimeter. See pp. 27, 28 of the CFR plan Building a North American Community, for labor mobility in the continent.

Sec. 114- Improving the Security of Mexico’s Southern Border. This section details how the U.S. will help Mexico secure its border with Belize and Guatemala, an important part of the security perimeter.

Two other compromise immigration bills, S. 2612, the Immigration Reform Act of 2006 and S. 1348, the Immigration Reform Act of 2007, have the identical sections dealing with the North American common security perimeter and helping Mexico secure its southern border. Neither one passed.

Previous to S. 2611, John McCain sponsored S.1033, May 12, 2005, the Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act (cosponsored by Ted Kennedy). This was another unsuccessful  amnesty bill.

In May of 2005 McCain cosponsored S. 853, the North American Cooperative Security Act, another attempt to implement a common security perimeter for North America:

SEC. 3, (7), (E)- This states that a report will be issued by the Secretary of State “…not later than six months after the date of this Act and every 6 months thereafter…[on progress made in]…”developing and implementing a North American immigration strategy that works toward the development of a common security perimeter…”

SEC, 5- Improving the Security of Mexico’s Southern Border (helping Mexico secure its border with Belize and Guatemala).

With time running out on his presidency, Bush and President Calderon of Mexico agreed to United States aid in order to help Mexico secure its borders by cracking down on illegal immigration from Central America, stopping illegal drugs from reaching the U.S., upgrading immigration infrastructure and achieving operational control of the border between Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.

In order to reach that goal, last year Secretary Rice produced in secret, the Merida Initiative, H.R. 6028, which was passed by the House.. It is designed to accomplish the same goal as Sec. 5 in S. 853 and Sec. 114 in S. 2611.

McCain supports massive immigration (or comprehensive immigration as he puts it) because it means cheap labor for corporations. In the CFR plan for Building a North American Community, pp. 27, 28, this is made quite clear:

What We should do by 2010

“Move to full labor mobility between Canada and the United States. To make companies based in North America as competitive as possible in the global economy, Canada and the United States should consider eliminating all barriers to the ability of their citizens to live and work in the other country. This free flow of people would offer an important advantage to employers in both countries by giving them access to a larger pool of skilled labor, and would enhance the well-being of individuals in both countries by enabling them to move quickly to where their skills are needed. In the long term, the two countries should work to extend this policy to Mexico as well, though doing so will not be practical until wage differentials between Mexico and its two North American neighbors have diminished considerably.” See this blog, archives, Nov. 18, 2007, ‘The North American Disposable Labor Force.’

McCain recently went to Canada (June 20, 2008) where he “spoke to an elite audience of Canadian corporate executives about the benefits of NAFTA.”

Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians, said that, “Senator McCain’s visit to Ottawa is an act of desperation aimed at stopping the increasing opposition to NAFTA in the US, Mexico, and Canada…While McCain would have Americans believe that Canadians support the reckless trade model embodied by NAFTA, the opposite is actually true. It’s time to renegotiate NAFTA, stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), and reject the Bush-McCain agenda of putting corporate profits before people and the planet.”

John McCain won’t stop his efforts to destroy America. After all, he is a globalist and dedicated free trader. So if McCain becomes president, Americans would be wise to carefully monitor all legislation during his administration and let their congressmen know how they should vote if they want to remain in office.

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