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Mexicans, both legal and illegal, have a lot of powerful friends in the United States, welcoming them to the new America and helping them replace the current citizens who happen to be in the way of a corporate-run North America, where profits are high for CEOs and wages low for workers. Republicans need cheap labor to help corporations make those profits and Democrats need voters. See: Bush, CEOs use Global Workforce to replace American Workers, lower wages, archives, May 12, 2008.

“By nominating me, my party has made a choice to welcome the new America.”

Republicans and Democrats welcome invading Mexicans to the new America.George Bush made that statement before an audience of Hispanics in Miami on August 8, 2000. In his speech, Bush was clear that he was changing the racial composition of America. Latinos, primarily Mexicans, would be the dominant culture and Spanish the primary language in our nation. This move is part of a plan to, first, merge Canada, Mexico and the United States into a trading region of North America, then integrate the Western Hemisphere into a larger corporate state (Free Trade Area of the Americas, FTAA) with the headquarters in Miami. See John McCain: Global Governance, Deregulation, Sept. 23, 2008, this blog. Also see Massive Immigration: America’s Worst Case Scenario, new blog, August 23, 2008.

To accomplish this, the United States and Canada would have to first “diminish the wage differentials” between Mexico and its two neighbors to the north. See U.S. Department of State website, read the article, click on link at bottom, then click on English version, Building a North American Community, 295K PDF, pp. 27, 28.

In America, Bush, McCain, the North American Competitiveness Council (Wal-Mart, Campbell Soup Company, and others), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and members of congress have tried to pass legislation that would establish or increase visa programs to allow cheap labor from Mexico and Asia (India) to work here on a temporary basis. American workers, after training their replacements (India), are being fired.

Once their project is complete, corporations in the United States will be blessed with cheap, temporary employees who don’t complain. And these workers can be replaced at any time by millions of mobile workers from throughout North America and Asia.

American banks have gone out of their way to “serve” the new illegal Americans by opening accounts and providing subprime loans to them by using a tax ID card.

2006: “A major U.S. bank (Citibank) has funded its first home loans to undocumented (illegal) Mexican immigrants in San Diego County in a move that targets a lucrative, wide-open market while providing grist for the debate over illegal immigration.

“The local program, which uses tax identification numbers, is similar to programs run by small lenders-and two state agencies-around the country that have distributed millions of dollars to undocumented immigrants over the past few years.”

Citibank and other institutions have catered to Illegal immigrants with credit cards and home loans.San Diego’s ACORN Housing Corp. (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), is “part of a national group working with Citibank to provide tax-ID loans.” This is the same ACORN that has been accused and is currently being investigated for voter fraud in a number of states over the past 10 years. They have, for example, signed up dead people, non-existent people and members of the Dallas Cowboys (in Nevada). Investigators recently seized documents from an Acorn office in Las Vegas. They have also been paid to register voters for the Obama campaign.

Citibank and ACORN Housing Corp. offer home mortgage loans to (illegal) Mexicans and other groups in Miami; Jersey City, N.J.; Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; Bridgeport, Conn.; and at all of ACORN Housing’s 12 California offices.”

In 2006 Bank of America began offering credit cards to illegal immigrants without Social Security numbers in five Los Angeles branches. By 2007, they expanded the number to 51 L.A. branches. Bank of America and Wells Fargo also provide “home loans to illegal aliens.” Other banks that offer service to illegals are listed on the link above.

Mexicans want to reclaim the United States from the gringos as was evidenced in the 2006 marches across America. For documentation, videos and photos, see thelastgringo.comIllegal aliens from Mexico and Central America have been given protection from arrest by the U.S. government through policies put into place by the leaders of cities and towns across America. Police are not allowed to cooperate with federal authorities, resulting in many crimes going unpunished and the criminals remain free to terrorize American citizens. See archives: Latinos: Ethnic Cleansing in L.A., April 21, 2007 and What Mexicans want from America: The Message is loud and clear, December, 15, 2007.

“In the ‘War on Terror’, four times more Americans died at the hands of illegal aliens within the United States than U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan–for the past seven years. Illegal Aliens continue their own ‘killing zone’ against Americans in every corner of American society.” See George Bush: Why He deliberately failed to secure our border…, archives, July 30, 2008.

In a recent incident, “San Francisco’s immigrant sanctuary policies played a role in the slayings of a father and two of his sons by allowing city officials to shield the alleged killer from deportation, despite his violent history…”

There are many more casualties and the number of Americans killed by illegal aliens grows daily. See Mexicans proclaim their goals. Also see a few of their victims.

These are some of the people responsible for the deaths of thousands of American citizens: George Bush, members of his administration, Michael Chertoff, Condoleezza Rice (to name a couple), John McCain (who worked hard on those amnesty bills and opposed the fence), governors, mayors, members of the North American Competitiveness Council, plus Democrats and Republicans in congress who push these amnesty bills.

For our leaders, political matters, like building that North American trading region, bringing in cheap labor for their corporate partners, or just looking for a new voting bloc, take precedence over the safety of their citizens.They have violated their oaths of office on numerous occasions and some have committed high crimes.  They are responsible for the deaths of those innocent men, women and children.  In a just world, they would be held accountable.

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