Nov 092008

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A few weeks before the election, George Bush met with the leaders of 11 Western Hemisphere nations in New York in  order to launch a regional trading state to replace the unfinished FTAA, the Free Trade Area of the Americas. This will be his gift to Barack Obama.

George Bush is determined that a New World Order becomes a reality. In a Canadian report:”President Bush met with leaders and officials from 11 countries in the Western Hemisphere on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 in New York to launch the ‘Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas’ initiative (PPA). Canada is joined by the U.S., Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Peru in this initiative.

“To be sure, this (free trade) model has been a bonanza for big corporations and private investors, it has been bad news for the rest of us–and for the public good. Our resources and the environment are under threat. Our public services such as health care are being cut and privatized. Our jobs and the promise of a living wage are being  steadily eroded. In particular, this initiatve appears to rejuvenate the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas…At this point we know that the next steps include,” ‘meeting at the ministerial level before the end of this year and regularly thereafter to develop an agenda (like the SPP) to review the progress made by ministers.'” See Bush’s plan.

This new initiative, with nations that have already signed or are in the process of completing a trade agreement with the United States, will be run, based on this trade agreement, with the same governing arrangements as the FTAA. It means that this new trading region will exercise sovereignty over all member states, including the United States.

Miami, Florida has the inside track to be the headquarters (Secretariat) of a trading region of the Western Hemisphere. Florida, led by Jeb Bush, the President’s brother, has lobbied other hemisphere leaders for this political prize. It will be the equivalent of Brussels, the headquarters for the European Union.

In order to understand how Bush is still trying to destroy our sovereign nation in exchange for a hemisphere run by corporations, read the following paragraphs. The administration and some members of Congress, including John McCain, are serious about accomplishing this goal: From the Miami Herald:

“…Heide Bronke, U.S. State Department spokeswoman, also recognizes that this initiative is in part in reaction to the alternative models of economic development.” (

She said, “Eleven leaders met with our president and stood with him in a project aimed at expanding economic integration…This is not just free trade, it’s a political vision for the hemisphere. Pathways is an association of countries in the western hemisphere focused on increased cooperation in trade and development…It offers an alternative to economic populism.”

To illustrate how this trading region will be operated, read the FTAA Draft sections below, which show where the power lies. Regional free trade agreements affect most of  what happens in a society. And like the European Union, it will acquire more power by design, through incrementalism.

Chapter II, General Provisions, Article 4 [Applcation and Scope of Obligations] of the Draft Agreement states:

[4.1] Each Party (member nation) is fully responsible for the observance of all provisions of the FTAA Agreement, and shall take such reasonable  measures as may be available to it to ensure such observance by regional and local governments and authorities within its territory.

[4.2] The Parties shall ensure that their laws, regulations, and administrative procedures are consistent with the obligations of this agreement. The rights and obligations under this Agreement are the same for all the Parties, [whether Federal or unitary States, including the different levels and branches of government], unless otherwise provided in this Agreement. (This means that all member nations must cede sovereignty to the FTAA whenever the laws, etc. of these nations and their local governments at all levels, conflict with the obligations of this trading state.)

The Heritage Foundation, the biggest cheerleader for an integrated trading region of the Western Hemisphere, supports this move by our Deceiver in Chief, Bush. Their conclusion:

“Ultimately, by building on the foundation of cooperation established under the auspices of the FTAs (free trade agreements), the PPA (Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas) could provide the impetus for merging the individual agreements into a single, representative accord. On a grander scale, success under the PPA could result in a new momentum (without Americans knowledge or approval) for concluding a broader Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). Past attempts at  negotiating a FTAA have stumbled as members failed to overcome divergent attitudes and approaches to economic policy…”

“Rather than trying to build an FTAA incorporating all nations in the Western Hemisphere, the incremental approach adopted under the PPA–involving only the most willing of countries–could be the means to forming a trade pact that eventually attracts all to participate.”

“With its potentially positive economic impact (like NAFTA?), the PPA should be actively supported by the next administration–regardless of who wins the White House this November.” (A good reason to keep a close watch on Obama when he assumes office.)

If you loved NAFTA, with factories and good paying jobs shipped to third world countries, huge trade deficits, imported cheap labor to replace American workers, poisoned food and other products from China, plus plans for a trinational corporate organization to replace the FDA, then you will be thrilled  by a trading region with 800 million workers waiting to replace Americans who still have jobs.

This process of stealth and gradual tightening of the noose around our nation is the same pattern used by globalists who constructed the European Union. Now, most of the legislation and standards for Britain and Germany, for example, are passed by the EU Parliament.

And a constitution for the EU is being pushed by the leaders of member nations while denying their citizens a referendum on their future. This constitution will be the official document for all member nations.

George H. W. Bush and his son George Bush, want a harmonized and integrated George Bush and son want a world based on international law and human rights, which conflicts with the U.S., run by free trade agreements. In their view, a world engaging in free trade will bring peace and prosperity to everyone. By everyone, they mean those in their social and economic group since workers are ignored in these trade agreements.

To bring about this corporate paradise, Bush Jr. wants the United States to be the senior partner in this free trading, cheap labor utopia. So during his first term, after 9/11 gave him the opportunity to put his plans into effect, he launched his policy of preemptive strikes against potential enemies and placing forward military bases around the world, beginning with the Middle East. See archives, Bush and Iraqi Bases: A Police Station to Protect Middle East Oil?, June 14, 2008

As the senior Bush put it at a state dinner in Tokyo, January 9, 1992:

“In this changing world where the walls that once divided all nations from each other are crumbling, we all must become both bridges to and partners in a new world order.”

And this:

“If we can build a hemisphere devoted to freedom, one that prefers enterprise (unfettered capitalism and free trade) to envy, we’re going to create our own new world order.” (This is what brought us the current worldwide economic meltdown.)

Are you ready for the New World Order, America?

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