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Government “leaders” and their corporate partners who continue to tell us that an interdependent world based on “free trade” would bring peace and prosperity to everyone, are lying.

The global paradise where everyone traded in freedom was not meant for the “average” President Obama said he will sign a comprehensive immigration bill that would legalize up to 20 million illegals, more cheap labor for corporations. citizen. Trade agreements, like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), are being put together to create a world of harmonized and integrated trade regions for the benefit of corporations. They would operate under the same rules. Those rules would negate the constitutions of nations. George Bush clarified the new system in a press release which declared; ” We seek a world based on international law.” See “The New Global Order…” at the end of this article.

All of the trade agreements signed by the United States lack enforceable protections for labor and the environment. Workers are just consumers and a cheap tool of production, existing to serve the ruling elite.

When American corporations keep shutting down their factories and shipping them to places like Asia and Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor, and you lost your good paying job because of it, they are simply implementing a plan to lower your wages and destroy the middle class.

Our corporate/government alliance is now importing more cheap labor each year through H-1B and other work visas which allow these foreign temporary workers (including hi-tech professionals) to replace American workers, saving corporations money on payrolls and benefits. We have lost over three million good paying jobs because of free trade agreements and our next president will carry on with the program. See this blog, archives, June 23, 2007, The Smoking Gun: Video reveals Corporate Methods to Avoid Hiring Americans. Or go straight to the video.

American CEOs have no loyalty to America. Their loyalty belongs to their corporations, Microsoft's Bill Gates testified before Congress that he welcomes as many immigrants as possible (no limits) to work in hi-tech jobs in America. Indians are currently replacing American workers, even though there is no shortage.wherever they have established a presence. So CEOs have no problem replacing their nation’s government with that of a trading region. The process in the U.S. began with George Bush’s attempt at integrating the Western Hemisphere (FTAA) but he was met with roadblocks from some South American governments.

Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico then met at Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 and agreed to “NAFTA Plus,” the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, an “economic” community of North America.

Part of the plan includes massive immigration from Mexico and other third world countries, India, for example. The goal is to lower wages for American and Canadian workers and destroy the labor unions in order to be competitive with the world.

Although the 2010 deadline won’t be met, North America will eventually be united by a common security perimeter around the continent. This perimeter, which has been part of every failed comprehensive immigration bill over the last three years, would have opened the internal borders of the three nations to the “free flow” of people and commerce.

Citizens would be able to “live and work” in any part of the continent. No need to assimilate and learn a new language–as happened with the European Union. The reason; we would all be citizens of North America.

Barack Obama has promised to sign a comprehensive immigration bill that George Bush and John McCain tried to push through Congress over the last three years. If he follows through, it would make up to 20 million illegal aliens legal. They would qualify for Social Security and, with a Totalization of Social Security agreement with Mexico, promoted by CEOs and the Bush Administration, dependents in Mexico would qualify for survivors benefits.

These new workers would also be able to work at jobs requiring more skills than picking crops. The U.S. Census Bureau says that we could add another 100 million third worlders over the next three decades. Does anyone want to bet that Social Security will still exist by then? Or for that matter, a sovereign, united America.

Another time bomb is waiting. Globalism and corporate enrichment depend on cheap oil and cheap labor. At the moment cheap oil is back but will resume its climb in price when (IF) the unrestrained capitalist-caused financial collapse of this “interdependent world” is resolved. In such a world where China and India, in the next few decades, will consume more oil in one year than the entire world does now, demand will exceed supply and gasoline prices will easily surpass the recent $4.00 plus a gallon reached in 2008.

Fuel shortages and energy conflicts will increase. Americans will experience extreme hardships. Consider that oil is a crucial, irreplaceable ingredient in the production of over 4,000 products, including medicines. The global economy will be history.

Consider that good jobs in America are rapidly disappearing, cheap foreign workers are replacing Americans, our trade surplus with Canada and Mexico rapidly became a deficit under NAFTA, immigration is out of control and our economy has collapsed under globalism and out of control capitalism. The good news? Since there is no plan to change any of the above, there is no good news.  See The Party’s Over, Pat Buchanan.

“If elimination of borders in Europe has been less than an unqualified success, the elimination of borders in the Western Hemisphere is a disaster waiting to happen. Though not on the scale of the integration of the EU, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) foreshadows the destruction of the middle class and the social upheaval that will inevitably result from a hemisphere, or perhaps even a world, without borders.”

“A just and moral society must be predicated on the realization that the economy and all other social institutions exist to serve the interests of the people, and not the other way around. Nations, as Thomas Jefferson wrote 229 years ago, derive ‘their powers from the consent of the governed.’ In creating this nation, the founders of the United States affixed their signatures to a historic document that stated, “We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

“The closing sentence of the Declaration of Independence remains the best definition of what it means to be a nation. We, the people, agree to work for the common good and, if necessary, to die for one another. In return, we have every reason to believe and expect that we will benefit from that arrangement. The social contract that has propelled this nation to greatness has never included a clause that suggests we are all interchangeable with the rest of humanity. When every person on Earth (or even in our hemisphere) has an equal claim on residence and employment in America, our existence as a nation will cease.

“As a nation, we should actively promote economic and political reform in Mexico and other nations in our hemisphere and beyond. At the same time, we must promote prosperity for those who form the backbone of this nation. However we choose to define a nation, it must be something more than an amalgamation of workers, consumers, or even taxpayers, who happen to occupy a defined geographic area.

“If the social bonds that hold the nation together are shattered, we will become slaves to destiny instead of masters of it. When people no longer believe that their nation and their society is loyal to them, social order will inevitably break down (and with it, ironically, the world’s economy itself).

“Far from promoting liberty and prosperity, a world without borders will inevitably lead to conflict, misery, and chaos, in other words, tyranny.” Grand Delusions–Open Borders will Destroy Society, Ira Mehlman.

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