Feb 272009

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In 1998, Rick Givens, chairman of the Chatham County Commissioners in North Latinos waiting for documents at the Mexican consulate in Raleigh, North Carolina. One estimate puts the illegal population at 600,000.Carolina, “…was frustrated at mounting illegal immigration. Worried about the cost of health care and social services, Givens made local headlines when he wrote a letter to federal immigration officials, asking them to come to his state, round up illegal Mexicans and send them home. “Then Givens took part in a program called the Latino Initiative…It’s run by the University of North Carolina’s Center for International Understanding, and the highlight is a weeklong visit to Mexico.

While there he experienced a moment of enlightenment. “He realized no local official could do anything to reduce illegal immigration, so the better course was to help those foreign illegal workers already in the United States.”

One problem. Since no one at the federal, state or local level did anything to stop the invasion, they just kept arriving and multiplying, draining county and state services. Evidently, the public officials were helpless in carrying out their duties.

According to the Center, the Latino Initiative “…provides a fresh approach to changing demographics and is designed for policy leaders and educators whose communities are experiencing dramatic growth in their Latino immigrant populations.” Part of their mission includes “…improving Latino health care and strengthening civic integration of immigrants.” These are ILLEGALS.

While the University of North Carolina works against the rights of American citizens, others are taking action to try and stop this “dramatic growth in their Latino immigrant populations.”

The cost to North Carolina taxpayers for the approximately 400,000 illegal alien population, according to the Federation of American Reform (FAIR), is more than $1.3 billion annually.”That equates to an annual cost 0f about $388 per native-born headed household. In addition, there is a cost to the state’s economy of another $1.2 billion from remittances sent abroad.”

At the UNC’s Center for International Understanding, they have another program, Globally Engaged Leaders, which teaches Carolinians how to be part of an interdependent, multicultural world and to have a “strategy for global engagement.”

This global engagement is with the transnational corporations and investors who have sent, and continue to send, good paying jobs overseas, destroying our manufacturing base. And with the joint efforts of corporations, congress and the executive branch, they have put forth a constant flow of immigration bills (work visas) that allow millions of foreign workers, including high tech and other professionals, into our nation to replace Americans. The reason; cheaper wages and little or no benefits, a CEO’s dream world.

The goal, clearly stated, is to establish a lower global wage so that corporations can access cheap, temporary workers wherever they may be needed. Our global engagement is the reason why we have no manufacturing base and, since NAFTA, we have a continuing trade deficit with Mexico and Canada. But our largest deficit is with China. We borrow money from the Chinese Communist government to finance much of what we do. And now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently went to China to borrow more money to bail us out of our financial collapse.

Clinton: “We are relying on the Chinese government to continue to buy our debt.” Wyatt Andrews in a CBS report on the Clinton visit to China.

“The truth is the Administration needs china’s help. America’s stimulus is very expensive and the U.S. wants China to help finance it.”

President Obama made no mention of foreign workers, legal and illegal, who have replaced American workers at the urging of America’s corporations. That is a big reason why Americans, with no jobs and very soon, no homes, will not see any benefit from the stimulus package. If Obama signs an immigration amnesty bill for up to 20 million illegals presently in America, you can forget about recovery. See Middle Class Meltdown.

“At best, assuming Mexicans do not get most of the construction jobs, all Obama’s stimulus program can do is to reduce the number of unemployed temporarily.

“Unless U.S. corporations can be required to use American labor to produce the goods and services that they sell in the American markets, there is no hope for the U.S. economy. No one in the Obama administration has the wits to address this problem. Thus, the economy will continue to implode.” See Ship of Fools, Paul Craig Roberts, former Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.

That’s what global engagement and “free trade” have done to America. With another 100 million more immigrants in the next three decades, more cheap labor (many Mexicans), we are rapidly headed for third world status. And with open border organizations like UNC’s Center for International Understanding doing all they can to undermine our nation and it’s citizens, America’s history will end like an episode of the Twilight Zone. No heroic last stand, just a combination of incompetent, greedy, delusional leaders and millions of sleep walking citizens, unable to comprehend the loud and clear warning, an incomprehensible message that contradicts everything they believe in.

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