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Anti-Mubarak man engages the enemy under the highway in Cairo.Citizens of Egypt, Tunisia and other nearby nations, living under harsh rulers and through hard times, have taken to the streets to bring about “Democracy”, jobs, and a better life, including enough to eat. They may get their first wish but time is running out on that future everyone dreams of. In fact, that dream is about to become a nightmare.

The world is being run into the ground by “free trade agreements.” Corporations control much of what happens in nations. They decide if they want to move their plants to Egypt and hire local workers. And if they do, sometime later the company may decide to move to Guatemala and leave Egyptians without jobs and no where to go for help. This is the standard operating procedure for a world based on trade agreements. Nothing is permanent. It’s all dependent on where corporate CEOs decide the next big quick payoff is.

Globalization, supported by political leaders, is breaking up families, neighborhoods and nations. The “average” citizen doesn’t really have a nation anymore. American workers are now encouraged to go global and try finding work in other countries since corporations only want to hire cheap foreigners, even illegal  aliens. Of course, that means you will have to work for less money and no benefits. And in this new world, you have to take whatever is available.

This ongoing corporate grab for easy money by way of “free trade” will only last as long as the resources that make it viable lasts. Well, that time is here. And free trade, based on cheap oil and cheap labor, is making easy profits for corporations while they can, at the expense of human workers and the environment. And the merchants of the world continue to build the infrastructures of a dying system, a system that is being drained of the finite resources that will soon be in short supply.

Now we have a confluence of factors coming together on this planet for the first and last time. And the world will never be the same again. Free trade will be a bad memory. And hunger will remain.

The problem is overpopulation. If the world had maintained a much smaller population we would not have all of the problems that are now affecting the world. And we would not be wondering how we will cope when 9.2 billion people inhabit the earth by 2050. That’s  twenty years after the first global crisis hits us in 2030 and the world experiences drastic shortages of the basic resources for survival; food, water, and oil (energy).

Taking a break between battles in Cairo.The recent riots and attempts to overthrow governments in overpopulated areas of the Middle East is a result of citizens understanding that they are being shortchanged with respect to the developed world. And in Egypt, the recent riots were in large part because the young, educated citizen can’t get a job or even enough food to eat. And they have a government that doesn’t exactly put the citizen first. The breaking news is that there aren’t enough jobs to go around and there isn’t enough food to feed the world and the situation, in the view of relevant organizations, is that it will only get worse.

According to Professor Julian Cribb, “The world has ignored the ominous constellation of factors that now make feeding humanity sustainably our most pressing task – even in times of economic and climatic crisis.”

“The main drivers of the looming crisis include population growth that will reach 9.2 billion by 2050, rising demand for protein foods such as meat, milk, fish and eggs, and a global food requirement by 2050 that will be up to double today’s, out stripping growth in food output.

“Fueling this will be growing shortages of water and productive land-25 per cent of land is already so damaged it can barely yield food – declining nutrients, high energy costs, over-fishing, decimation of coral reefs and trade policies that distort world markets.”

There is no coordinated effort to find a solution for producing more food. In fact, we are essentially ignoring the problem, thereby sealing our fate. Each nation is trying to lock up agricultural lands around the world to supply its citizens with food in the coming crisis. Some, like China, have sent armed security forces to their agricutural projects to protect their investment during widespread disorders.

“British defense analysts have predicted that rising populations, declining resources and climate change will increase the risk of food price spikes and shortages, water scarcities in volatile regions, mass displacement caused by climate or resource scarcities, a possible collapse in fish stocks (that’s worldwide), and greater risk of civil wars*, intercommunal violence, insurgency, pervasive criminality and widespread disorder.* (Cribb)

Mexicans in California tell White Americans to go back to Europe.*Extreme violence will become the norm when people realize how desperate the situation is. And the United States could become the most violent place on earth. In addition to 100 million more people in our nation, many more will come here after the integration of North America. Mexicans will continue their manifest destiny, their reclamation of the Southwest U.S., land that was “stolen” from them by the Americans in the War of 1848. Yes, they march. They threaten American citizens. They have physically attacked Americans for the better part of two decades. They constantly threaten to send white Americans back to Europe. The documentation will fill a large library.

And they are doing this with the aid of our last two presidents and their administrations. George W. Bush said that we, meaning he and the Republican Party, “welcome the new America.” The America that looks like Mexico and speaks Spanish. Miami, 2000.

And the Southwest U.S. will become an environmental wasteland once the full complement of Mexicans descend on our soon-to-be North American Community. Even now, there is not enough water for the current population.

The one lesson you should take from all this is that you will be responsible for your survival and that of your family. You definitely cannot count on the government.

A few years ago three major hurricanes hit my town in a six-week period. The last storm took out the power over a large area. I had a burner and a small tank of gas plus some cans of food, crackers, rice, and coffee. Everything was shut down.

There was nothing much to do but conserve my energy and protect my property. At night I slept on the floor, next to the screen door, hoping for a little breeze to keep the mosquitos out. It was then that I realized how dependent I was on so many people to keep me alive.

Five days later supply trucks rolled into town and everything was fine. I had lost ten pounds and gained a new perspective. I can better understand what is coming down the road. When the crisis of resource shortages is here, the emergency won’t be over in a few days and the chances are good there will be no one to help you. You and your family will be on your own. If you plan to be around for the festivities, make adequate preparations for a permanent life change.

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