Nov 152015

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NOTE: Our scientists are already in the process of counting all the creatures on earth since they are quickly disappearing. I wondered why, since we won’t be able to count and study their habits, including insects of all kinds, for a thorough study.

Once again why, I wondered why the scientists were even doing that. It doesn’t matter anymore.

I guess it’s a habit for professionals to do that but when our planet is only a year or two, maybe, from extinction. I guess they are doing this count and study because they are professionals. But there will be no more humans left to inhabit the earth, fortunately for this planet. It was a waste, that’s a fact.

Well. That won’t happen again here. There will be no more people on earth, and what’s left will be spreading ionizing radiation all around the earth permanently from the power plants.

There won’t even be any humans left to condemn us. Yes, but there will also be no one left to tell them that it was the CEOs and politicians.

I wonder if there are other creatures out there who are studying other parts of the universe , maybe with the ability of understanding the importance of being careful when on foreign planets.

But, the next time, don’t let politicians or, especially the CEOs, on foreign planets.That should be a permanent rule on any planet.


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